Analysts Insights 07 – More metaversal evangelizing

I just had to blog this here. I am about to go into 2 days of analyst briefings here in Lisbon. The event covers everything IBM does with lots of speakers, lots of analysts. The poster is up everywhere in the hotel. Now the venue is great, but this poster gave made me let out a little cheer.
analysts insights
The picture 2nd from the right is the cropped version of our CEO SJP meeting Irving (IWB) back in November in China last year in Second Life. The really cool thing is that right at the back in the shot there is my suited avatar that I used for the occasion and standing in front of my is Algernon (Roo). Its like a little Alternate Reality Game clue, a little white rabbit that I can pull out in the presentations and discussions. I was there and this really did happen.
This is the venue
Also rather ironically in a joined up everything is linked type way the garden has a chinese pagoda, not a full forbidden city look but I could stand there and think back to the virtual event that made a whole lot of difference to things.
Feel free to take a copy and paste in your own avatars.
The real and the virtual intertwined even more than ever, and thats with the wetware API that we provide as humans fuelling the linkages, wait till the code starts throwing more real to virtual messaging around.