The future of management?

A colleague recently blogged on our internal blogging system about a book call “The Future of Management” by Gary Hamel. Much of what Gary writes about (and there is a video on the UK amazon site too) is veyr much the spirit of what we have been explaining as eightbar. Very often in talking a bout how we came to be in virtual worlds we are also explaining the story of how a small seed of innovative thinking flowed through t omany other people by sharing and openess. The fact that we have ended up where we are is a testament to the pattern. Management as a concept, is as much a part of this as the thought leadership (as it gets called).
It all fits with the move from the information age to the conceptual age, which was also a theme at the architecture conference I spoke on a panel at yesterday.
This is not pie in the sky wishful thinking, this works.
“There isn’t any law that prevents large organizations from being engaging, innovative, and adaptive – and mostly bureaucracy free. Even better, it really is possible to set the human spirit free at work. So no more excuses. It’s time for you to buckle down and start inventing the future of management…My goal in writing this book was not to predict the future of management but to help you invent it…From the first time since the dawning of the industrial age, the only way to build a company that’s fit for the future is to build one that is fit for human beings as well.”

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  1. That book sounds intriguing. I found out my library has a copy of it, too, so that will make some good reading on the side. Thanks for pointing it out.

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