Visions of the Future BBC 4

This BBC programme from a few days ago proved very interesting. Visions of the Future looked into the future, some near some far in a very well out together show.
” In this century, we are going to make the historic transition from the ‘Age of Discovery’ to the ‘Age of Mastery’, a period in which we will move from being passive observers of nature to its active choreographers”
“Dr Michio Kaku explains how artificial intelligence will revolutionise homes, workplaces and lifestyles, and how virtual worlds will become so realistic that they will rival the physical world”
I was watching becuase I am part futurist and its always good to see a perspective. Much of it was a “yes thats what i say” kind of thing but there were some twists. I was surprised to see Second Life as that is already here, but the examples were showing that we had the ability to explore the virtual or enhance the real. There were whole parts on robots (a youtube link os Asimo is on the BBC site) too.
If you get a chance to watch it, which clearly is not as easy as it should be due to BBC licence fees and UK barriers, then take a look.

2 thoughts on “Visions of the Future BBC 4

  1. I saw the program and I thought it was rather interesting and thought provoking. I am looking forward to the other two parts on Monday and next week.

  2. @lexi yes it had a great balance of future and now I thought. Its always hard not to go too sci-fi, but with so many very real examples its easy to extrapolate in a way that most people can follow.

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