Experiments in blogging

Followers of this will have noticed a blip with a slightly bizzare comment, that no doubt will end up in a flame war of some kind with “Tina Bell”.
Whatever the bizzare reason for trying to deal with how I operate and damage that in some way I am not really overly bothered.
However, the things I say and do outside for my company are genuine. Am I always happy…. No.
My post that leaked out was more about the concept of the enterprise and it not being an entity that you can deal with.
So I deleted the comment (something only usually reserved for viagra adverts) I am sure it will get posted again elsewhere, after all its out there. I hope as much attention is given to things when they get sorted out and I write how happy I feel. For the record this was my personal post on how I feel at the moment I just chose not to use eightbar (a group blog and a virtual world blog about innovation) as the place to express this.
Interestingly Tina Bell took exception to some of my thoughts over on terra nova. Quite odd really but it take all sorts and I appreciate the conversation. Maybe just not on eightbar 🙂
**Update This is the link to my latest personal post should the conversation need to continue

4 thoughts on “Experiments in blogging

  1. Lol, you clearly are bothered otherwise why delete my comment which concerned the concept of the deniable responsibility of this blog. Even the CIA does not think this is a tenable position now. Hypocrisy is always a difficult position to defend when it gets found out!

  2. @tina I am bothered that it was not on the topic of 3d printers. Just spam in that post.
    I am bothered, as I said before that you have decided to take away my rights of free speech.
    I am more worried that you seem to need some sort of victory against me when all I have done is suggest some ideas.
    What is there to be tenable or untenable about. I am just not so happy with the way my company has treated me, but still love the job and the people around me that do it?
    The views on this blog (in the main posts) are ours and ours alone. The comments we cannot be responsible for, but off topic and/or offensive etc we reserve editorial rights over.

  3. I hear big blue is opening a new center in NC, and asking employee’s in Oregon to move and help w/new center at the employee’s expense? What is this? you want employee’s tomove but w/ not help w/ once cent of moving expenses. Here we have a Multi Billion Dollar company, who says they take care of there employee’s but are telling employee’s they have to pay there own way if they want to move and help BIG BLUE OPEN A NEW OFFICE pretty cheap on there part.

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