Lots of guildmasters

We had a 2 person race for the 6 monthly elections as guildmaster of our virtual universe community here in IBM land. The VUC covers many places and is a community of interest. We that the two main candidates Holly and Pranab have agreed to now have dual leadership of the community. This is really cool and very west wing. Both of them have been significant activists in eightbar and our presence in virtual worlds, so its all good.
So we have 2 guildmasters and we can now see how that works, yet more experiences to share. Well done Ada and Locutus 🙂 W00t

3 thoughts on “Lots of guildmasters

  1. Thanks EPred / Ian,

    Holly and I hope to have a ball of a time in the next 6 months and hopefully grow the VUC to new heights

    Pranab / Locutus Qi

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