Holiday building project in second life

One of the wider eightbar group Anita Cassini in SL told me about a “build a better bauble” project she has got going with some other residents. The basic premise is you build a christmas tree ornanament to represent you or your brand and these all get placed on various trees around SL. The idea is that content creators come together both to show their talents and to also say no to stealing of others work.

Build competition
Photos originally captured on snapzilla

There is a tree here with a notecard giver that says the following

Merry Xmas!

The holiday season has started..

To celebrate we are launching phase I of a campaign to build awareness of how important intellectual property is for the growth and health of the Second life community.

Lets spread the word by showing everyone in SL how good it is to be creative.

How can you participate?

Phase I – Spread the message spread the joy (Launch – Dec 1)

1) Build an ornament Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or any thing that makes you want to celebrate this time of year.

2) Requirements
a) Must reflect you and/or your brand can be as sophisticated or simple as you want.
b) You must be the creator
c) Must be only one object linked minimum 1 prim – max 254 prims
d) Maximum size 0.05 x 0.05 x 0.05 (size of a regular block)
e) Must have an IP message as part of the script (one included here) or in a notecard inside the document.

3) You can participate if you have created unique content in SL and/or belong to one of following groups:
a) You are a scripter, builder, artist, designer, machimaniaographer, and or participate in the performing arts.
b) You are a blogger, writer,
c ) Art promoter, museum owner or represent a RL corporation.
c) You are a Secondlife mentor, a tutor or a teacher
d) If you have a created a group that has 50+ members

What to do with it.
a) Send your ornament (named “[Your Name} Ornament”to Anita Cassini in a folder
1) Notecard with brief description of who you are and what you do for everyone to see it (Holiday message would be cool too)
2) Ornament – no mod is ok – but needs to have copy/transfer perms for it to be distributed and placed in the vendor (will be sold at 0L)
-Add the script to include IP message
you can add a notecard giver and a landmark if you wish.
3) A photo of your ornament with you or without you in it.

b) You are encouraged to display and distribute your ornament at your store, in shop_on_ rez and in slexchange, and any other way you wish to make available to the community.

Add a poster of your oranament

Additionally exhibit halls will be placed at IBM SOA Adventure , Nicky Ree – Tropical Orchard sim, Sarg Bjornson’s Prim Heart Amusment Park Matika Textures AM Pro Rides
If you wish to host and exhibit hall please IM Anita Cassini, so she can make the ornaments received available to you.

And remember
*A community message : Copying and Stealing of creative content and using it without permission of its original creator is wrong and illegal. Please do not encourage such activities and do not buy stolen goods.*

Anita Cassini on SOA island

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