Metaverse Chess

Every now and then we like to give out some sneak peaks of our internal metaverse. Here is one of a little torque based chess game I have been working on. I thought I would never solve the final bug, but at last it worked. This is film of it running on my local machine and server, but it will be deployed into the main corporate one very soon.
The premise was to not enforce any rules other than 2 pieces cant be on 1 square. The underlying development is really a model view controller one. There is aserver state to determine what piece is where. That model is changed by actions in the world.
The player walks to sqaure, waits 2 seconds and is allowed to select that piece, then walks to another space and waits 2 seconds and is allowed to place the piece. The delay is because triggers are used on each square to determine relative positions. I had to stop those triggers going off straight away as it meant you could not walk across the board without getting spammed.
The pieces are just letter based place holders, a selection of sets will be available.
We can of course apply the actual rules of chess and validation to the underlying model, but you dont in real life do you 🙂 I also need to make it multi threaded, at the moment it relies on people taking turns and moving off the board, but a free for all where more than one piece can be moved at a time allows for all sorts of user generated games with an ordinary chess set.

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  1. @sered This metaverse is very focused on us learning and understanding how far things can be taken to engage with a corporate audience and the internal services and systems. You will see more about this as we want to share what we are finding, what works, what does not.

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