Facing up to sculpties – More Archipelis

I have done some more experiments with Second Life sculpties from the archipelis exporter. This time I used me as a subject rather than poor old Roo 🙂 This is all part of some tests about moving various types of things from place to place including into our internal metaverse.

Now I am no artist(I guess you noticed), but I felt quite intrigued by my results and the use of sculpties to do it. Bear in mind this was a very very quick experiment. In fact it too longer to process the video than it did to create and import the ‘head’.
As the object is made of multiple sculpties it opens up the options. I was going to script it to move around, thats the next little experiment.

4 thoughts on “Facing up to sculpties – More Archipelis

  1. Neat! With that floating head you can now do Wizard of Oz sorts of scenes in which people posit questions and the Big Head answers them while spouting fire.

  2. Excellent … so now we have an addition to our ‘public mask’ and ‘private mask’.
    Hmmmm … what will sociologist or psychologists make of this depending on how its agency evolves and is adapted?

  3. woooow…
    I’m an Archipelis user and now I’m happy to see that SL export is possible. Is this a rokuro killer app for SL content? I bet it

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