Industry growth in Virtual Worlds

The Virtual Worlds 2008 conference here in New York was significantly bigger in exhibitors and attendees from last years one at the same time of year. Last year there were 2 small office rooms with about 10 exhibitors including IBM. This year the trade floor was somewhat bigger. This is a quick wander around just to help share some of the buzz and atmosphere.

Two years ago was my rez day for Second Life as epredator potato. I am still amazed at how quickly we have all progressed and the take up and interest is still growing. we know everything is not solved but evolution has to start somewhere. Some of the new things we saw at the show (longer posts coming on that) started to feel like a new generation or cycle was starting as VC funded firms come out of stealth. There are a few that need to turn off their predator hunting cloaks too.

3 thoughts on “Industry growth in Virtual Worlds

  1. Oh say, I’m in the video. Find me in the baseball cap… apparently the only one with any head ornamentation. You’d think for a VW conf, it could have gotten much funkier. Perhaps a sign that the early adopters are indeed a little more serious about the space.

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