Quick tour of the LA VW2008 expo floor

Earlier in the year in New York I took a dash around video of the expo floor. Now we are here in LA doing the next one I thought I would do the same thing to compare and contrast. 41+ exhibitors this time. Look out for some metarati faces you may know.

9 thoughts on “Quick tour of the LA VW2008 expo floor

  1. Epred — I love this! What platform did you build it in? Framerate is not so great, but I’m guessing that’s cuz you have too many avs on the sim.


  2. well this took ages to render. First I translated the carbon based world into a semi digital semi analog form. Once in the Nearlrealworld(tm) format I then had to render each frame as a full size real 3d fabricated print. (I used the hall next door in the conference centre). Once that was done I simply walked around the live model with my n95 and uploaded it onto the interwebs, recycling the physical materials again ready for the next one.
    (Its almost as hard as time travel)

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