Mockery, Flattery, either way the Late Show is funny

The more we see virtual worlds appear in mainstream commentary the more we realize how deeply they are seeping into society. Reporting on congressional hearings shows some degree of questioning and depth in the news not just sensationalism and fear. That could be some high-brow way of saying they were making fun of “us” and we don’t like it. However, this is great and we do :-).
The Daily Show is well respected over this side of the pond too. (Thanks to fellow eightbar Chris Howard in Ireland for sending the link this morning)

11 thoughts on “Mockery, Flattery, either way the Late Show is funny

  1. It’s the Daily Show… and a curate’s egg. The Glitteractica bit was funny – and the porpoise. But admit it – much of it was meh

    It was rightly taking the p*ss out of the notion that Congress would hold a special session about VWs – something I, too, think is bizarrely hilarious. It still surprises me that no-one (apart from me, at least) mentions the actual date of the hearing – and whether this was irony or coincidence.

  2. thanks for sharing. That, truly, was one of the funniest things I’ve seen all week.

    And, it’s a rite of passage to be lampooned on one of the late night shows. It’s a good thing…

  3. I had a slightly different take. I thought it was funny, just as you did, but I did not see it as an example of virtual worlds seeping into society. I saw it as an example of society keeping it at arms length as the strange, the bizarre, the *other*. I think this topic still makes a lot of adults nervous. I’d be interested to hear how kids react to this – do they laugh, or do they go “lame, that old guy just doesn’t *get* it”

  4. This can be seen on under Videos – Daily Show. the title is “Avatar Heroes”.

    I personally think 2nd life is a fad that has limited use – maybe as a social site and an enabler for the severely disabled. If I am forced to use it for business purposes then I will learn how to make the avatar pick its nose, scratch its butt and basically do anything remotely considered rude.

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  6. @giff yes I see what you mean, but as we need people to even pay attention in the joke phase before going to threat and then obvious it has to happen in this way I think.
    @glenn its not just second life. You will not be forced to use it for anything any more than you are forced to use the web for anything. I do clearly remember people complaining that this internet thing was just a fad and only for students . we have lots more evidence now of business uses. They do not have to be the same look or mode as Second Life. Though even in that environment there is a diverse set of communities. Some pure entertainment, some more serious. Just as the web, it is poles apart between a homebrew site for a niche interest and corporate presence.
    You are well within your rights, just in in a real life situation to act offensively. However, social norms and etiquettes form. some are more extreme than others.
    If forced into a business meeting in real life at a location you dont like I would suggest that you would conform a little to those around you, same things apply in virtual worlds and metaverses.
    It is an interesting point to consider, and I fully appreciate that these ways of interacting may not be for everyone. The key is to make everyone comfortable with which ever way they need to operate I think.
    We can be sure that emails, blogs, websites, screen sharing and powerpoint are not the pinnacle of human communication over electronic media 🙂

  7. And you still have a typo… or so I believe… It is Daily Show, not the Late Show….

    …and it is still about as hilarious as a custard pie fight, or the 3 Stooges hitting each other or, to be a tad more contemporary, any Steve Martin movie of the last 10 years.

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