We won an IBM Baffler for eightbar

In a prestigous awards ceremony held in Hursley this afternoon the results of the IBM wide voting in various categories for blogs and social media were announced. Eightbar won the category of “Best IBM related external blog”. Props go to James Taylor for getting this whole thing going, but most of all thanks to all who voted.
We should also thank all our other readers not in IBM who have taken an interest in what we have had to say over the years on eightbar, in particular the whole metaverse/secondlife/virtual worlds crews out there. (…Insert any suitable gushing oscar acceptence speech in here that is your personal favourite)
What do we win for this then? Well as its by the people for the people its really the prestige and knowing that a whole host of collegues have appreciated what we have been going on about and the way we have gone about it.
To mark the win we are getting a share of some fantastic Moo Stickers (You can tell our fellow eightbar Andy Piper (sometimes Moo salesman and evangelist has been involved too)). Also special thanks go to Daz as he is the one paying for the hosting and doing the sys admin on all this too.
Baffler award
I still keep telling people Web 2 is Web Do, you have to just have a go and see where these things take you.

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