Yet more awards please (no metaverse section though?)

Roo’s very own got a mention on this page in the computer weekly blog awards 2008
So in keeping with the desire to collect awards such as the IBM Baffler as well as voting for Roo or Andy Piper why not pop in a vote for eightbar too 🙂

Nominate me in
Web 2.0 and Business
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3 thoughts on “Yet more awards please (no metaverse section though?)

  1. [blush]. Since this seems to be the nominations stage, I’d hope that the fact they (very kindly and unexpectedly) mentioned mine as an example means that it’s going to be included in whatever voting process comes later. We’ll see, I guess.

  2. Well I’d certainly nominate What’s Next as an example of an excellent forward-thinking, opinion-forming blog… but mine? 🙂 thanks for the mention though, epred…

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