Metaverse Time Capsule

In case you missed this a couple of months ago, here’s Ren Reynolds (no relation) making sense of the metaverse.

Henrik Bennetsen is making a time capsule, capturing people’s responses to some short questions. Henrik got the ball rolling by uploading some short video interviews he conducted at Metaverse U in Stanford earlier this year, including responses from Sibley Verbeck, Raph Coster, Mark Wallace, Jerry Paffendorf, Corey Bridges, Wagner James Au, Robin Harper, Mitch Kapor, Eric Rice and many more. Cory Ondrejka shared his answers on his blog.

You can add your own responses via the Metaverse U group on YouTube.  Although I’m late to the party (and I hate making predictions), I will try to do that myself soon. The questions are:

  1. What excites you about current metaverse technology?
  2. What concerns you about current metaverse technology?
  3. What will be most the surprising impact of metaverse technology on society within the next decade?
  4. What barriers will metaverse technology never overcome?