The Eightbar brand – part 3

Following on from Ian’s posts about the Eightbar gang sign and large hands and sign language in Second Life I have created the Eightbar gang sign using my good friend Anna.

Anna is an animated avatar developed by the University of East Anglia’s eSign project to synthesize sign language, she was used as part of an Extreme Blue project to convert Speech to Sign last summer. Anna is animated using Signing Gesture Mark up Language (SiGML) which is based on the internationally established notation for sign, HamNoSys. Currently, to create signs for Anna, eSign have provided an editor which is very good, but requires a reasonable amount of time to be able to use efficiently. For a few days per week I have been working on a way for people who are not familiar with the eSign editor to create signs for Anna, with the hope that creating signs can be the sort of thing you just dip into, when you have a spare minute and a sign you would like to create. With this in mind I decided, as a test, to create the EightBar gang sign using my interface.

After 15 minutes of playing about, I had a gang sign! It took a few attempts to get there mind…

But finally Anna was throwing the gang sign like a pro…

Eightbar gang sign

2 thoughts on “The Eightbar brand – part 3

  1. Very clever Alice. Anna even looks suitably mean on that last image. You’ll end up having this made into an official sign.

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