Cisco CEO John Chambers on future of virtual worlds

Tish over at Ugotrade has just posted some transcripts from the an event in Second Life yesterday. The Cisco CEO John Chambers appeared and answered some questions. Now I know I am biased, but it is good to hear many of the same themes and reasoning I/We use when evangelizing coming from someone else, and in particular a CEO of major company like Cisco.
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“John Chambers: …..very often if there is one thing that I have learned in my thirty years in high tech is sometimes concepts are a little bit too early but when they do take off they take off with tremendous speed and efficiency.
This where I think it is important especially for the business communities and the entertainment industries to understand what is possible because when the market does move it usually moves at speeds faster then anyone anticipated. ”

“I think what is exciting to here is that where last year we were talking about that in theory and this year we are beginning to see people grab this is going to happen. We may disagree on the time frame but it is not longer a question any more of if, it is now a question of when. ”

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  1. As a point in fact about rapid change happening, it is interesting to look at the experiences of the next generation with virtual worlds. Eco-friendly tween world has kids learning about global climate change as they socialize and play similar to how they do in the school yard and their real world neighborhoods. No one has to tell this generation that this is the future. Currently they will be influential in helping parents figure out how to use this technology as well as sooner than we like to think, they will be the decision makers for consumption, governance and communication practices on a global level! Anyone studying this generation to talk about usage behaviors and technology best practices?

  2. I agree there is a generational element to this. Though it is also intriguing that in corporate environments it is the older more experience people who are driving the change, having seen the internet get ignored in some organizations until it was too late. So we have as Chris from Sun said “Gamers raising gamers” which has a push.
    We have a similar game at to teach science and eco effects, and we have things like the green data center in SL to educate everyone.
    Studying the social effects and generational elements is certainly being done in all sorts of ways.

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