Christian Renaud leaving Cisco – to go to ?????

Christian Renaud, Cisco’s metaverse evangelist has just announced today is his last day at Cisco. He explains quite clearly in his post that its not a bitter move. The thing he is off to do is a startup of an unspecified nature, so we look forward to seeing what that is, and everyone at eightbar wishes him good luck.
As the CEO of Cisco really gets the whole metaverse drive we know that it does not mean the end of Cisco’s drive into this. So its still IBM and Cisco pushing the envelope.
So another change, another indication as with my previous post on the growth of this industry.

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4 thoughts on “Christian Renaud leaving Cisco – to go to ?????

  1. Hey Ian,

    Thanks for the kind words. You are correct, this does not imply that Cisco is walking away from virtual worlds, in fact the interest within the organization has never been higher.

    My move is to shake the dust off (or take the handcuffs off) my career and get back to doing what I love most, which is starting new businesses and technologies. Some of these I have listed on my LinkedIn, but there are many more to come.

    We’ll work together soon in one of these new roles (and I’m buying the beers in Los Angeles when we intersect again).

    Best, C

  2. Ian
    You are always so thoughtful!

    Christian will be missed in this arena and I too wish him the best of luck.
    I also understand his desires to get back in front of the wave of what he loves, as I too make the same type transitions.

    I’ll have more public information in mid July, another benefit to working
    for such a large company as IBM you can move around!

    Best to Christian in his future endeavors!

    Ian thanks for keeping us all close to humanity!

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