Losing a Metaverse Evangelist from IBM

I have had to write a lot of posts recently wishing people good luck, but this one is the hardest. As some of you may have already seen on twitter or elsewhere Roo is leaving IBM and heading for the BBC
He is off to do a fantasticly exciting role and I really do wish him the best of luck. The ironic thing is that we are likely to end up working together more as we can be in the same place at the same time as opposed to being two IBMers who seldom need to do a gig together as we are interchangeable.
Personally I will miss Roo a great deal. The past 2 1/2 years of upward struggle getting support for virtual worlds and building this eightbar mini-brand have been both rewarding and incredibly frustrating at the same time. Turning a few hours in Second Life into a massive movement and business opportunity for one of the worlds largest technology companies is no mean feat. I think we have achieved something that would not have been possible individually. IBM has a great position in virtual worlds like Second Life, Opensim et al, and hopefully we have maintained the spirit and credibility that we lay down as founders of eightbar out there in metaverse land.
What does this mean for Eightbar? Well we have always been diverse and there is more to Eightbar that metaverses (look at the author list). Eightbar has also always been a very different attitude to things and Roo may be leaving IBM but is forever Eightbar.
What does this mean for Roo? New challenges, freedom to explore, changing company brings a fresh view of one’s worth.
What does this mean for me? I guess the jury is out on that one. There is still a long way to go on the metaverse journey wherever that happens to take place. I am not really the only evangelist in the village now though. Lots of people are up and running on this and taking it places it needs to be taken.
I think a more fitting tribute to Roo will be forthcoming, this is just a placeholder to let the world know if you dont already.
Take care there Roo, its been a blast.

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2 thoughts on “Losing a Metaverse Evangelist from IBM

  1. Best of luck Roo; you’ll be missed for certain.

    Man… no more Algernon. How will I cope?

  2. Algernon isn’t about to die, Judge. We’ll just have to talk on the internet instead of the intranet. 🙂

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