Another day another Virtual Worlds speaking gig

I should have blogged this earlier, but I now realize that Ren Reynold’s Virtual Policy ’08 conference is next Tuesday/Wednesday in London. There are a whole host of speakers and panelists including yours truly.
Ren is the founder of the virtual policy network amongst other things and as such is advisor to BERR(The Department of Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform)
When Ren calls we all generally say yes in support. So expect to see a host of UK and worldwide metarati take the stage. I am on the innovation panel with Jim/Babbage
15:30 – 17:00 Innovation & Virtual Worlds
– Dr Jim Purbrick – Linden Lab
– Ian Hughes – IBM
– Oliver Goh – Business Development Executive
Implenia Global Solutions
– Dick Davis – Ambient Performance
– Gia Rossini – Sloodle
I notice also a certain name involved in recent changes in the metaverse world a certan Christian Renaud (ex Cisco) is also coming to do the closing address so it will be good to catch up.
There is also a Facebook event page if you like that sort of thing. (I am still a bit annoyed at them after the Wimbledon incident)
BTW there is still time to vote for eightbar (or Roo 🙂 )

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