Hometown serendipity St Nicholas Church in Second Life

Today I received a call from my dad, he had seen a news article in my hometown newspaper the fabled Gt Yarmouth Mercury. Great Yarmouth (for those not of a UK disposition) is far on the east coast of england, the round bit that stick out and is just north of the most easterly point in the isles. Now Dad has just taken to the interwebs with a new computer and has started to get to grips with all this stuff. The news article in the local paper was about a build in Second Life of the iconic and historically significant building in St Nicholas’s Church.
I decided to pop along and have a look, and I have to say that I really liked what I saw. Obviously mirror world builds are a significant part of any virtual world experience. To see it break in the press back home stating “Second Life became very well known at the end of 2006 when major companies took an interest” (ahem…. I wonder who that was then 🙂 go eightbar)
Anyway, I popped along, took these photos and was lucky enough to bump into the creator Sid Corleone and have a chat on the roof of the church (nearly a cathedral in size). It was interesting as Sid was building this to generate funds for the real building, but not from a strong religious conviction, but a historical and architectural one. Sid also told me of some future plans around the area, something I was more than happy to help with. Great Yarmouth has, for instance, the original Nelson’s Column. I suggested that he reminds the locals he is trying to help that a “minor celebrity” metaverse evangelist was born and bred in the area.
To add to the serendipity of the moment, Sid’s surname is that of the godfather. In ActiveWorlds i tended to use the godfather AV and in v-side I have a very nice godfather shirt I wear. Tenuous, but relevant and memorable connections I feel.
St Nicholas Church - SL

Here is one of the interior shots, Sid is still working, but has opened to show it off.
Sid also has put a copy of the news article that led me there in the first place in the church

St Nicholas Church - SL

Yes that is an evangelist in the pulpit

St Nicholas Church - SL
Sid has used lots of real world photos to texture the environment. Here is the arch over the door featuring the heraldic crest of Great Yarmouth
St Nicholas Church - SL
So where is it? I hear you ask. It’s here on Rosslyn go and take a look and welcome Sid to the metarati fold.
BTW if anyone wants to add epredator in as a notable resident on wikipedia please do 😉

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  1. Please, I am trying very hard to get hold of Sid Corleone (From Second Life) but I am unable to access his name via any site other than yours. My name is Maxwell Grantly and I would be very grateful if you could pass my email address onto him please. If you are able to do this, I would be very grateful. Thank you very much in anticipation. Very best wishes, Maxwell.

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