Moving cubes from world to world

Today led to a rather exciting development. Since the original experiments with Second Life many of us from Hursley have wanted to apply the elements of pub/sub messaging that Hursley is known for to the transport of events from various virtual worlds.
Rob augmented his very cool Unity3d server worlds with the ability to consumer published messages on one of our many message brokers. This means any client that is subscribed to a particular message on the hub can take action. Having this in place meant we were able to do what was in this video.
Creating a cube in Second Life, publishes a message to the wider message queue. Several Unity3d clients subscribe to that in various ways and also create a cube.

This is interworld operability at a very different level to the import/export approach. Event brokers of this nature are the way we deliver point by point score data at sub second response times to web scoreboards for things like Wimbledon.
Publishing and subscribing to various messages and topics opens up a whole host of interworld communications that can occur. It still needs a client to understand how to recieve the messages but the beauty of pub/sub is that it can be push related or pull.
I thought I would put this video up and show what we were up to as I told a number of people about the plans we had at VW08 in LA.
So interoperability in virtual worlds from Hursley the home of messaging middleware.

6 thoughts on “Moving cubes from world to world

  1. Nice. Now if only Unity3D was fully supported on the PC. Or better yet, if this functionality was built into a highend CAD application.

  2. Agreed would be great in Unity3d got its PC based IDE working, sure that will happen.
    Basically the client portion of subscribing to MQTT can be put into anything. Thats the beauty of it, so high end cad system could be enabled with pub sub either MQTT or much richer Websphere message broker(MQ)

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