We are on TV… again. This time Sky

 The recent hursley 50th has yielded this great bit of footage.

The whole package is great, but 4 mins in, yours truly rocking the virtual world

Yes I do quote(with attribution) the famous Warcraft is the new golf phrase. 🙂

I also seem to have become the lead story on the event. Fancy that.

2 thoughts on “We are on TV… again. This time Sky

  1. Ian, thanks for sharing — sorry to see that they cut off part of your head…

    Video clip offers a brief round-up of cunning technologies (+their related local talent) with preamble regarding storage heritage.

    Text summary:
    – Retail Solutions with James Caffrey : Electronic Ink – UPM, Point of Sale Solution – PCMS
    RFId with Kelvin Richards : inventory tracking
    – Metaverse Evangelism with Ian Hughes : community technologies
    Pervasive Messaging with Andy Stanford-Clarke : remote monitoring & control enabled by event driven messages, with the famous mouse-trap
    – Evolution over the last 50 years with John McLean : transition from hardware, with a little software – to Hardware, Software & Services… value driven technologies, and that people are our greatest asset

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