Next stop London for VWFE08 Oct 6th/7th

The next big conference and expo for all things virtual world is happening in London in 2 weeks time. Its the second year of the Virtual Worlds Forum Europe and a few of your favourite eightbars will be in attendance, aswell as a more formal IBM presence. (IBM is a sponsor).
Rob and I will be around at the event as will Holly and Kevin. Lots of brit metarati.
It is particularly interesting for us as many of you know Rob and I and Roo before work for the global CIO office. Our director of technology and innovation Luba Cherbakov is flying over to present at this event. As you know we do a lot of work with enterpise virtual worlds and how we can use that inside our company and also help others understand this growing market.
This year there is a mixture of expo and congress. So if you need to come have a chat Rob and I will more than likely be around the IBM stand.
Of particular interest is to me is the lead sponsor Unity3d as you would have seen from some of the previous posts this has been an area of exploration that Rob has been diving inot recently (along with OpenSim), in particular with the pub/sub messaging extending what is already done here at Hursley.
Last years event was very enjoyable. The mix of actual game based firms and enterprise firms with a certain creative twist is very London and very Europe.
So come and see us at the expo or at the after show parties.

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