Unconferencing in the Hospital for VWF

Rob and I travelled up to London today to take part in the last minute, but very worthwhile, unconference for the Virtual Worlds Forum. It was held at the Hospital club in London.
The venue was very busy and buzzing with people all willing to share, network and present.
Unconferences are probably very scary to many people. The agenda and direction forms dynamically, based on what the visitors want to cover. Generally any of these are attended by the interested and the dynamic, not the apathetic.
This one worked very well. We had a matrix on the wall, done with masking tape and added postit notes for the agenda.
I added top left session 1 a discussion of 3d printers and the future of manufacturing. Whilst a small attended session the important thing was the attendees really wanted to discuss this.
Ann Marie from Anarkik3d was at the session and Mark Simpkins. Hi to you guys. Mark had a clear interest and researched background (and knows Roo ). Ann Marie designs jewelry and works with haptics and virtual environments. Check out the videos on the Anarkik3d website its very exciting work.
Rob did a session on intraworld messaging with pub/sub (MQTT) opensim and unity and got a major power gathering including Linden Lab and of course Adam Frisby a driving force in Opensim from Deepthink(note correction apologies Adam 🙂 ) who was wearing a http://www.realxtend.org/ t-shirt.
Unity3d were major sponsors of the event and we had a great demo and chat with those guys as Rob is a Unity3d guru now.
The other conversations were varied and all interesting, including a rather unusual lunch with Christian Renaud, Dave Taylor, Bobby Clay, Jeff Barr and Dave Taylor in a Souk somewhere near covent garden.
So well done one and all and I personally really found ths useful and I know that I met some new people and re-enforced some other friendships and working relationships. That, after all, is the point.

5 thoughts on “Unconferencing in the Hospital for VWF

  1. Haha, I dont actually work for RealXtend – I was just wearing a shirt they gave me, although DeepThink (my company) is doing some work with RealXtend we’re going to announce later this month.

  2. Apologies Adam 🙂 I saw the shirt and wondered if I had missed out on some news or changes 🙂 I have corrected it above and put the rigth links in 🙂

  3. Bob, Indeed it was and I swore I typed Jeff’s name as I have probably known him longer than everyone else!. This is an awesome post for missing people out isnt it. Jeff, sorry sorry sorry. It was very dark of course in that souk

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