Services, PLM, Virtual Worlds, multi-million deal

We are just seeing some rather good news for the virtual world industry stating “IBM today announced it has signed a multi-million IBM Global Business Services agreement with the Fashion Research Institute (FRI) to implement a first-of-a-kind Virtual World Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Enterprise System.” The full story is here on marketwatch
It is really good news and I am very excited for the team that have been working so hard on this from both companies. We reported on it a while back when it appeared on the street which may have not shown teh full extent of the emerging partnership.
Well as its out on the wires now that all looks good to me and I know that everyone in the entire industry is excited, this is credibility and growth and innovation.
Over at the rebang blog there is also some discussion of Virtual Product Life Cycle Management too.
It’s not quite 3d printing, but very closely related to the entire product life cycle and delivery using virtual worlds. Who would have thought it eh>

3 thoughts on “Services, PLM, Virtual Worlds, multi-million deal

  1. Yeah, baby.

    Y’know, that virtual PLM blog post of mine and the “Next Gen” series I’ve been writing since were inspired by witnessing an everyday person I know in Second Life learning to use some in-world tool they’d purchased for creating virtual clothing. The combination of knowing how tech-illiterate this person actually is/was with the social interaction I observed between her and her adult daughter brought me back to when I first realized how powerful a virtual world could be for real product development. The FIT stuff which came after only solidified that idea.

    Now if I could just locate a company willing to try this for the development of a non-fashion product.

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