Games and Business – Changing the Game

My amazon delivery arrived today of Changing the Game by David Edery and Ethan Mollick.
Changing the game
For many of us in this growing blended industry of metaverses, virtual worlds, serious games and such like this book may well be a busmans holiday. However, it is packed with evidence, facts and figures and useful imagery to help convince those who seem to think any game play elements at all in business really dont fit.
Well they do IMHO. Take a look at what David and Ethan have to say, as a great deal of business and academic experience is captured in this book.
One key element they point out is that the only way to understand anything at all about games is to play them or observe them very closely. The surface descriptions of many of the tasks and the game terminology often masks the true deep use and depth of advantages.
It is once again fitting nicely into the serendipity of life as I was having amny of these same conversations with the various visitors to my BAFTA studio session yesterday. You dont just have to make games and related environments you can use them.

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