Reaction time is a factor in this test – serious games

During a recent twitter exchange @Renzephyr tweeted an @slhamlet post on GigaOm about the 10 potentialy game changing games for 2009. The list is in part compiled by David Edery so it is worth take note of.
Of course many people will see games and 2009 and think about more driving, shooting, puzzle games etc. and may not pay attention. However there are some very significant elements in this list.
One of the very interesting elements is an isurance company looking at using a reaction test serious game for older drivers in order to offer cheaper insurance. That, as Wagner James Au says, will herald the incorporation of gaming elements in many other business. Not just the sort of virtual worlds real leaders that we often share or simply business meetings and education and training. The game becomes part of the channel, and clearly much of that will reach into virtual worlds, and not solely be stand alone mini games. The brand/business is also immersed in the game or across other channels.
Also of note on the list is the Augmented Reality pet on PS3 but I will let you read the article and enjoy the near future.

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  1. The lego universe is interesting too. Imagine hook that up with the mindstorms robot. All left to do would be to 3Dprint the lego pieces in order to change the mindstorm robot in an ePred avatar. Or order form the universe a box of customised lego on demand based on the 3D model in the universe. Nice potential for Handycraft2.0 lessons at school. (and at home 😉

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