How to respond to posts – as a big organization or individual

Over on his web strategy blog Jeremiah Owyang has posted a great flowchart for the USAF on how they should respond to blogs. Of course this should not just be a large organization approach but each of us with our own stake in our personal brands and reputations.
The basic premise is to engage in a positive manner where it makes sense. This also needs to extend past blogs, but it takes a while to ripple these through to social media guidelines but it does indicate the correct awareness of the conversations that occur.
Many organizations treat commentary with disdain, either seeking to remove, purge, cover up anything not released by them or just ignoring it. It is interesting this a military organization initiating a hearts and minds scheme before many companies have.
It all gets much trickier when you are representing yourself and/or your company live in a virtual world, but that just increases the need to think on your feet and respond appropriately without too much spin of faffing around.
Honest conversation, up front about who you are and done for the right reason. Great chart I think.

One thought on “How to respond to posts – as a big organization or individual

  1. This blog flow chart was well done, of course the Air Force does have it’s rules and regulations to make sure. Most retail companies have no “strategy in place for blogs, it’s usually just “go get involved in social media” to someone on the internet team.

    I think this flow chart would be great if displayed and reviewed at the Internet Retailer in Boston this year as a session. What do you think?

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