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I moved offices today and having a bright new whiteboard I could not leave it clean for long.
Its not really a mindmap, just some association of thoughts and bits of linkages. I am sure it will alter, but right now this is what was in my head in a mad flurry. The underlying red part is really the substrate of the whole thing. Just my personal thoughts linked to some of the things I have seen and been involved with one way and another.

Thoughts on the metaverse
Note: edited to show smaller version of the board as it was cropping the right hand important side for those that did not click through to flickr. 3d printing FTW and high value professional social networks one there too !

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  1. Advertising and art are not subsets or offshoots of “entertainment”.

    Perceiving them this way is why businesses keep failing on their junkets to these worlds.

    Try to have a little more respect for virtual worlds. They are not merely realms to be harnessed to industry and training. Creative expression and commerce for the user are just as important if not more important.

    I hate mind maps, they are fascistic. Like PowerPoint, they don’t help thinking, they end it.

  2. As this was a free association for a few minutes I decided that people are entertained by creating things, and those of others. It was not a description of the philosophy or art.
    Also the right brand made engaging and entertaining works, whether in a metaverse or not.
    So I actually have both elements of the harnessing as you put it, aswell as trying to represent the scope of the more creative side.
    Many people still assume its one answer, one platform, one reason.
    I think that proper mind maps are of use, more for personal use maybe than communicating to others. I suggest you take that all up with de bono and buzan though. For me its just a list with arrows.
    The best way to grow thinking and ideas is to lay somethng down and build upon it in discussion.

  3. That’s just the problem, epredator. You view creation and viewing of creations as mere entertainment, not truly as Art, as something more noble and profound. From the perspective of a tekkie biz avatar, you just view it as something to keep the avatars sticking to the platform and racking up user hours and sales. If user-generated creativity is just an entertainment feature, then where is a society’s real philosophy and art on your chart? It’s nowhere — and that’s very telling. Of course, you imagine that the very creator of the virtual world himself — yourself — has engaged in some profound act of Philosophy and Art. The original RL creator (God) wasn’t so selfish — He didn’t seem to mind if Man was a co-creator, not just a creature entertaining himself, passing the time until death or log-off…

    You’ve in fact made it one platform, one answer, one reason: enterprise, and its selling of virtual worlds as places where masses are entertained or educated, by the lights of the VW creator.

    Um, who gets to decide what is a “proper” mindmap and a “improper” mindmap, epredator? Mindmaps should be blown up. Here you are, not *really* using it for discussion, but defending it as if it is a blueprint of the actual, not just some discussion piece.

    No, laying diagrams like this down merely helps those in power to keep imposing their thought structures on everyone else. Mindmaps are tools of power, not tools of genuine democratic debate.

  4. ePredator : Wish you stacks of fun in your new (work) home!

    Evidently it is tricky to follow ‘the discussion’ with only the final snap-shot image. One alternative might be to viddler yourself scribbling the schematics…

    Prokofy Neva : regarding your first comment – you might find inspiration, interest and meaningful contacts within the DesignLondon partnership (www.designlondon.net/). This is seeking to link artistic capabilities with entrepreneurial enterprise – involving the Royal College of Art, and Imperial College. Their tag-line is “design led innovation”.

    If you extend your curiosity a little: beyond DesignLondon there is a wider UK initiative to help fledgling businesses understand and collaborate with the strong artistic know-how.
    What DesignLondon is offering as educational experience and research, DesignDemand is offering as a tool to business.

  5. the weblinks that escaped my last posting…
    DesigningDemand (and DesignCouncil) offer service to link entrepreneurs with designers.

    For a success story of this scheme, take a look at the Ceres Power case-study – I wish Ceres Power would upload their superb (marketing) video online, for all to see. This video not only articulates the value of their product in accessible terminology – it offers visual representation that allows the viewer to associate with their personal lifestyle. This has been achieved through the Design partnership; their pitch in the early days was… a lot more engineering focused ;o)

    my apologies for deviating the blog-entry – I simply wished to be complete… back to metaverse, rapid innovation and social network tribes!

  6. I like how “real world” occupies such a small, out-of-the-way position. Says a lot.

  7. I realzie this is realtively tongue in cheek but there is a serious point.
    The ultimate aim is to ensure both real and virtual are merged such that they enhance one another and we understand more about what is going on on the planet.
    The world is full of instrumentation, things that help us and guide us to the right place, the right decision. Virtual worlds and augmented reality blend with the real world and let us see things we would not ordinarily see and make smart decisions.

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