Duelling eightbar twitterers – I “win”: sort of!

 The last few days fellow eightbar  Andy Piper had pointed out that he was approaching 1,000 followers on twitter and that I was a tad behind him. We ended up engaging in a “first to 1,000 though it does not really matter or mean anything, conversation is about quality… etc” competion.

Something happened somewhere, I am not sure what got out there, but I tapped into a network, or commented to some mover and shaker and boom, I hit over 1,000 very quickly. Andy has now topped that too so there was not a lot in it.

I pointed out this is a bit like gamer points on xbox live. They can mean something in context, and mini competitions and bonding experiences can happen, out of the main context of the plot of the game. So yes, a huge twitter following can be a bad thing, but equally it did not do any harm to recognize one anothers proximity to the “magic” 1,000. In fact its like watching your odometer on the car roll over to 30,000 miles or Andy SC’s unix time frame tick over a significant boundary.

Anyway you can find us both on Twitter and bask in what ever celebrity glory this is, Andy and me

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5 thoughts on “Duelling eightbar twitterers – I “win”: sort of!

  1. What is the point of this blog? It keeps mentioning a group who may or may not be part of IBM and opinions that are not IBM’s. There is only one author and he seems to have lost his job in IBM. Is this an ego thing? I found it searching for info on IBM but its just an irrelevance and wastes time when searching for IBM

  2. paula, sorry that you feel unhappy on the purpose of eightbar. many of my colleagues feel an afinity to eightbar, not solely as a blog. We were discussing how we need to evolve and have more authors back in the fray from their personal blogs to talk about the other cool projects. I still have a way to go with virtual worlds and that journey has been successful. I am not so sure about having lost my job as that is not the case, it is an evolution of successful evangelism, comes with the territory.
    I am sure you will see more from the crew on the smart sensor and eco focused projects, such as joining in on homecamp.

  3. Seriously, Paula? You’re complaining that somebody’s blog got in the way of your quick search for things IBM? Aren’t you just the centre of the universe. Some of us find this blog very interesting, thank you very much.

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