James Governor’s Web 2.0 and Wine Meetup

Roo, Rob and myself have just been to James Governor’s (agenda free) wine and technology meetup. It was good to actually meet James after having a few blog interactions with him and reading a lot of the stuff he writes.

There were some pretty cool and interesting people there, some with their own companies, some from Microsoft and Adobe who all just kind of talked tech. It was in a slightly unusual place, half off-license, half wine bar, which was actually a lot nicer than it sounds. I’m sure Rob will explain their high tech, RFID enabled bathroom.

I had a good conversation with Ben Watson, Group Manager for Enterprise Developer Relations at Adobe. I’ve used Flash in lots of projects and our group have had quite a lot of experience with both Flex and Laszlo. We were in agreement of both the good and bad uses of Flash and it was great to get their perspective on how their tools fit in with web 2.0. He’s definitely someone who’s really in to technology and he reminded me of our own Rod Smith in some ways. I’m hoping to get him to come visit Hursley soon.

It was a fun evening, but I had to shoot off home early as I have an early flight to catch tomorrow. I’m sure Rob and Roo will fill you in with anything I missed. It got me thinking we really should try and organise something like this around Hursley too.

9 thoughts on “James Governor’s Web 2.0 and Wine Meetup

  1. I am not normally in to red wines, but last night’s very fine selection, which ranged from ‘precision’ to ‘french country’ to ‘really fat’ to ‘sofa-licking leatheriness’ (a lot better than it sounds).

    It was wonderfully informal, unscripted and agenda-free, so we naturally chatted about things that interest us most. If there was a theme to the evening’s conversations, it was probably Web 2.0, but other topics covered included privacy (and whether Google risks becomming the latest ‘evil empire’), Event Driven Architecture and the much derided “SOA 2.0” term, MQTT and lightweight publish/subscribe messaging. Given our history of talking about Second Life, perhaps it is unsurprising that that one came up. So did towels at Microsoft, and why small benefits have a disproportionately high motivational value. Ben Watson and Tim Brook from Adobe were there, and Ben showed us a lovely Flex demo (narrowly avoiding having James pour wine into his T42p ThinkPad to demonstrate its spill-resistant keyboard). By this point it was well past the advertised closing time of Bedales, and we were getting kicked out.

    It was great to meet all these guys, and I am sure we’ll hook up again.

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  3. Sounds good. I didn’t get a chance to come along as I was on a course. Hope we can arrange this kind of thing at other times too.

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