Marketing executives get a futureshock

This article which I happened upon via the river run red, red papers has some very interesting briefing level material for marketing executives. Rivers Run Red are one of the top design and delivery agencies in the Second Life economy (and some others). They did the radio 1 gig, the xmen iii premier and a few other things.

The CMO article says watch these things as they will be changing the future. Some you may recognize from our previous blog posts about other work we do here.

1. Internet Data Mining
2. Virtual Worlds
3. Decision Markets(Attention Markets)
4. Neuromarketing – (admittedly not our specific bag, but medical imaging falls into this)
5. Automated Behavior Recognition – Which revolves around sensors actuators, motes and data mining

Yes just one article, but interesting how Second Life/Web3.0 etc is linked with the elements of emerging technology

Just so this does not get too serious though.
Here is me shooting myself in the head playing russian roulette in SL
Robby Dingo's russian roullette game/social development tool

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