Chain of events, links and circumstances. Regina Spektor in SL

OK, Regina Spektor has, with Warner Brothers previewed her album in Second Life. (She also uses Myspace for such things). Now, I had not actually come to this a fan. Not becauase its not very good, but just because I had not heard her work. Bear that in mind as I gush forth with a tale of serendipity.

So being into all things SL I had noticed some blog entries about the upcoming album in SL event from a major artist, it was on my list of things to do but I had not until tonight been. It only happened a few days ago BTW!

Chain of events….. My Flickr RSS feed for the second life pool had some pictures from Pathfinder Linden (who is Community manager/Rep for Linden Labs). So I saw the photos, clicked on the tiny url which led me to the SLURL. This sparked up my second life client and ported me straight to the location. A small New York style loft apartment. A really nice build by Aimee Weber. Taking up a suprisingly small amount of real estate.

Regina Spektor Album preview

A reel to reel was playing very high quality music that instantly caught my attention.

reel to reel

So I am sitting in a loft apartment in New York, which is effectively a 3D album cover listening to an album preview.

That would have been enough, yet somehow the words of the song playing were so spooky that it is untrue. Song 4 – “On the radio”. The lyric being something like “On the radio we heard November Rain, that solo is really long but is sounds pretty nice. We listened to it twice, cos the DJ was asleep”

November rain (Guns and roses) is my Wife and I’s “song” we had it played for the first dance at our wedding. She is away this weekend doing a charity walk so the whole thing brought a lump to my throat. Soppy I know.

Anyway, Advertising works but not always on me, but if we could bottle these sort of connections and make it seem like fate or somehow personal. Well……?

So I will be buying the album, just I am not sure. Do I download it for my iPod, order the CD on Amazon, Walk around town and enjoy the experience of shopping for it?

BTW I just noticed that the album on the table in the apartment is clickable, it opens up the album sleeve, click once more and it flips it to show the lyrics. Beautiful.

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  2. An exciting tale of discovery Ian. Interestingly, to me at least, my brother introduced me to Regina Spektor a while ago but I rediscovered her work recently when one of her songs was used in an advert for Sky (featuring crazy vert ramp skateboarding stunts against a stunning canyon backdrop) at the cinema recently. Great to see her delving int Second Life too.

    Incidently, anyone seeking validation of grown-up uses of Second Life and other metaverses might appreciate these two links: Ethan Kaplan’s teaser for the project, and the press release announcing it.

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