More on U2 in SL and events

Having just mentioned U2 in SL I decided to check out the venue, before it all kicks off tomorrow.
You will see from the pics that U2 In SL is a virtual tribute band. The dragon island the venue is on has lots of posters for things relating to making povery history, which is warming to see.
Aswell as the U2 in SL area playing keyboard on stage I also moved up the hill to play on some decks too.
So how is all this relevant? Well with the work I have been doing on wimbledon to see the sort of events we could build in SL, it is good to see that many of the metaphors that have been built in these other events are the same as the ones I have been trying to explore. The different ways you can interact, and be part of something is key to why SL is so engaging and important.

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