Bloc party

Last night I attended the GreaterIBM bloc party in Second Life that was mentioned a couple of days back. It was great fun – and testament to the hard work that the organisers put in to making it a success. Here are some pictures of what you may have missed.

The attendees begin to arrive at the SkyPOD.




The audience ready for the start of the formal presentations.


epredator during his presentation.


Chatting at a breakout session.


27 thoughts on “Bloc party

  1. Well done to everyone who made this happen. I couldn’t be there, so I want to hear more details! πŸ™‚

  2. You beat me to it Andy. The event went very well, and Kevin did a superb job organizing it, as did all the volunteers who were marshalling, filming etc.
    Its quite a logistical nightmare and when new people are being onboarded and finding their way around.
    So well done to the entire team and thanks also to all the alumni and press who attended it was good to meet you all.

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  4. It was a great event – all the hard work of the team really paid off! My hat is off to the organizers for doing a great job!

  5. So is SL going to be installed by default as part of the c4eb on our Thinkpads from now on? πŸ˜‰

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  7. IBM?

    Gone are the days of white shirts and dark blue suits… Hats off to Big Blue for taking a giant leap into the future.

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  15. Thanx for those nice screenshots. i am very eager to go in this IBM second life place’.

    But, where c

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  21. AUM HHT – It’s very interesting to know further… Really good conversation and i wanna to be in this…

  22. Wow, this was a few years back..I wasn’t there but i’m happy to see some pics from the older secondlife, wow things have changed…

    Does anybody mind if I were to use the pictures in a presentation i’m giving at a community center? I’m showing off some alternative jobs and this would be a great picture to show how complex things have gotten.

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