Planes, trains and automobiles, here come Nissan

Here come Nissan to SL courtesy of the electric sheep and Tequila\.
I had to go to bed early last night, so I was not on the grid, not on Second Life. This was because I had a customer session to go to in London, which needed a 5:30 am start to get up and going. That also meant I was not on SL until 1pm here in Southbank.
So the phrase the early bird catches the worm really does not apply to this case.
As I logged onto SL and my Firefox Sage RSS feeds whirred into life I was sent a note by the Counting Sheep Group and saw the Out to Pasture post, telling me Nissan had now opened an island, and in SL had sent a nice car to me.
I have an affinity for all things automotive, especially having been part of the IBM Vauxhall web team for many of the formative years of the web. So I was straight over there (after I had rezzed my own car to check it out).
This is more of a stop press post as I have not explored yet, but saw this wonderful device as I arrived.
Yes a car dispenser. Lovely idea, and very well implemented. On its own it was worth the visit.

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2 thoughts on “Planes, trains and automobiles, here come Nissan

  1. I really love the Nissan vending machine. So nice to see sales done differently. I would be pretty much infeasible in real life and yet makes perfect sense in SL. Way to go Nissan (plus the Electric Sheep of course).

  2. Hi I tried to subscribe to your RSS feed, however it’s not synchronizing with FeedDemon, you aware of any problems?

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