IBM Virtual Worlds event in London and SL

As Andy pointed out, some of us spent much of today in both London and Second Life hosting a Virtual Worlds event for European press, which included a rather exciting global ThinkTank session.


We tried to make the day as interactive as possible, and after introductions and a real life discussion in the morning we spent a chunk of the afternoon immersed together in Second Life. It was a good opportunity to run a ThinkTank, in which we invited a wide array of bloggers and thinkers (including Ren Reynolds, Jerry Paffendorf, Adam Pasick and many more) to discuss Virtual Worlds, open standards, and the 3D Internet. Not everyone could make it of course (sadly some suffered from some recent issues with SL) but I think we ended up with 33 attendees altogether, covering a wide array of subjects. I’ve uploaded put the transcripts of the two discussion groups, both Ian’s group and my own.

I am already looking forward to running another one of these before too long. Thanks to everyone who battled with troubled teleportation to make today happen.

In other, but related, news: carries a big flashy link to a big flashy piece on Game Tomorrow, starring Jai from the GameTomorrow blog (who, I see, even has his own MySpace page). Pretty timely stuff.

9 thoughts on “IBM Virtual Worlds event in London and SL

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  3. Erm. Look, I just bumped into some eightbar specialists over at NBC, tried saying hello – and was ignored. The IBM guy, when I said hello directly, did respond – but evaporated when there was trouble at the motherland (so he said)…

    Folks, I was just saying hello. I mean – what’s up with that?

  4. Apologies if you got blanked, I am sure it was not personal. We have about 650 people in eightbar some are very experienced but some are veyr new.
    The NBC event was suffering from a problematic update, I know I was not getting responses during some of my conversations and relogged several times.

  5. Aye, Roo! *notes it down*

    Aye, during the NBC event, I came to see the lighting of trees on different NBC sims. Tough day, esp. when I started seeing Live Help light up with all the issues, incl. me noticing I couldn’t pay someone else L$ properly.

    Similarly, I also apologize if anyone sees this and tried to IM me while I was there; I wasn’t able to ably handle 50 IM windows at once, in addition to emails and blog posts I needed to do. (It sounds crazy, but I keep tellin’ the devs I’d like a big public indicator of how many people are IMing me!)

    (That grass at the top always makes me smile: it’s subtle attention to detail like how “eightbar” is slightly obscured behind it. Sweet.)

    I hope for better days ahead. 🙂

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