Alliance Navy Operation Peartree giving back to the community

Our friends over in the Alliance Navy have had a great idea of doing flyovers of public areas delivering presents to people. It is written up very well over here at the Second Life times.
I really love the idea that you can fly a large ship over areas and give something back.
Some members of eightbar are also members of the AN.
This is not a one off event, so keep an eye out for the anti-griefers delivering goodies in your local sandbox.
This is a mini photo cube of the drop ship and some happy residents from snapzilla
The alliance navy were there for our 3d Jam way back in September as this picture from Judge Hocho on snapzilla shows

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46 thoughts on “Alliance Navy Operation Peartree giving back to the community

  1. I’m puzzled why the Alliance Navy is “your friend”. Why would a self-appointed policing force unaccountable to anyone, not from any elected civilian government, be “your friend”? Why did members of eightbar, which is related to IBM, join an inworld SL military organization?!

    Oh, I realize they have interesting builds and weapons, and all, but this dropping of stuff in sandboxes seems questionable. Why spam the world with freebies? People have enough trouble in sandboxes struggling to use them to build, without being bombarded from the skies. Lindens are constantly trying to police sandboxes to see if people are selling in them — they’ll have to click on all this stuff to see if it is for sale or not.

    And isn’t it kind of condescending to drop stuff from the skies like Americans do on their unsuspecting beneficiaries in foreign countries? Don’t those crates of MRE’s sometimes fall on people’s heads and injure them?

    There are other, more long-lasting and appropriate ways to “give to the community” than inflicting yet another set of freebies on the hostage public in sandboxes.

  2. Prokofy, your ingorance of our group disturbs me somewhat. Tell you what. First off, happy holidays to you.

    Second off, the members of eightbar that joined us, joined because they have fun with us. And somehow a single crate deal isn’t quite the sandbox spamming you’re worried about. Everyone else thats seen this, so far, has loved it.

    You hate us because we represent a sort of order, but you really should relax and just accept that people are willing to do nice things. I know its hard to understand and realize how nice folks can actually be, given the sort of folks you report on in the SL Herald, but outside of greifers, and mafias, despite our being a military, we’re really pretty nice guys.

    *shrugs quietly* I’d be happy to sit down with you, or give you a tour of our base sometime, if it would help you understand the Alliance better.

    Or you can just assume we’re a destructive force in SL, in your uninformed state. Tis your choice.

    But happy holidays. *smiles*

  3. No one in Eightbar has ever been told to join, or encouraged to join the Alliance Navy. If people choose to explore Tethys (or Luskwood, or Port Kar, …) that’s up to them. The Alliance Navy were involved in the ‘3D Jam’ IBM ran, notionally providing security (which was thankfully not an issue) and getting involved in the discussion. I think everyone benefited from the exchange of ideas.

    Of course, given the amazing mix of cultures out there in SL, there are interesting questions about what professionals get up to, and are seen to be associated with, in their own time. It’s maybe a controversial discussion, but here’s my take.

    I’m pleased when IBMers decide to explore the wider communities of Second Life.

    Although it’s a good thing that we have some private space to allow our rather large community some room to experiment and learn in a safe environment, but it’s not good for that community to always be cooped up in some private IBM sandbox sim. It’s great when people get out there and learn what the world has to offer – and what they have to offer the world.

  4. Again, Roo, my response is about asking you to do some more thinking about what it means to hire “security” like this. In Second Life, it often means hiring one band of thugs to deal with another band of thugs. You’re not Haliburton; you’re IBM — so why this military might??? I guess you can only account for it by being attracted to shiny war toys? It’s funny how the MMORPG ancestry of SL always surfaces, eh?

    And sure, you want the IBM employees to become part of the community and branch out and explore. Who could fault you for that? Then be prepared for some *feedback* about your choices because yes, you are in a *community*. When you make alliances…you make alliances. You begin to show a “face”. People see your blogs, your friends, your picks, etc. and you begin to acquire a footprint for your company.

    I speak as the former owner of all of Tethys, who once maintained it as an open public combat sim. There’s a whole history there I won’t go into now, it’s a sad one, but I still own land there which I’ve donated to the SL Public Land Preserve.

    And I’m here to tell you that not all the neighbours, past and present, have been at all happy to see this HUGE big military build of this Alliance Navy come in and completely straddle the very unique Linden river rapids –even building a huge bridge over Linden land–and basically blocking active public use of the river (they do technically remain public lands). This river and its rapids with the inner tubes supplied for free used to be one of the great attractions in SL. It is no longer since the area was essentially co-opted into this huge compound by the Alliance Navy.

    They took a very unique sim — the first to have huge mountains and the only one to have a river with rapids spanning the sim — and pwned it. On the mainland, that happens — one group that doesn’t even own all the land on a sim can take it over and have a veto on the use of it by the rest of the people there, as well as even a veto on their FPS.

    If you want to get off your IBM sandbox, Roo, that’s great, just be aware that there is a challenge to some of your choices.

    Finally, Harlequin, I don’t need a *tour* of your base, when it is *in my face* 24/7 in Tethys — and elsewhere (curiously, somebody let your group take over air exercises on the 3rd birthday, too, an odd decision). And it’s not “order” I resent; it’s order that imposes military builds and might on a sim diminishing the use of it by other people; and its unaccountable order in a group purporting to deal with griefers which is not part of any formal structure, elected or appointed.

    And you can’t go from bragging about air-dropping crates on people all over, to suddenly claiming it’s just one box.

  5. It’s odd, Prokofy, that you portray the AN as ‘shutting off’ the river rapids. There is no way we could possibly stop them, short of rezzing huge physical prims in the water which is neither practical nor sensible. You may have contempt for the location of our base, but what is really that different to, say, a large casino or (worst case scenario) a sex club setting up there? The only problems we have are the people who decide to attack us which we hardly ask for and, given the often-laggy nature of Tethys, we would much prefer it to have these little skirmishes somewhere else. I would personally like to see all these neighbours who oppose to us being here so maybe I could have a little chat.

    Merry Christmas to you, and the guys at Eightbar.

  6. Thanks for your comments Prokofy. They are genuinely appreciated and understood. As you say, feedback is good.

  7. To be quite honest, my whole take on this situation is that Prokofy is just looking for (as usual) some way to, as SOAD put it, “@@@@ the system”.

    We are not a system Prokofy. You cannot @@@@ us.

  8. It’s odd, Prokofy, that you portray the AN as ’shutting off’ the river rapids. There is no way we could possibly stop them, short of rezzing huge physical prims in the water which is neither practical nor sensible.

    No need to be literalist and technical about this — what is obvious to the naked eye is that your giant builds and bridge essentially make the river rapids unusuable. In order to use it for its original intended purpose for public recreation, somebody would have to fly under all your junk, and then sort their way past all your giant builds. The area is no longer open for a nice fly-in and tubing. It’s taken over by giant builds, including even a bridge that even arrogantly root-prims and spans over Linden water.

    I have to laugh at your notion that Tethys is “laggy” in some way independent of YOU. You are the largest, and most heavily scripted presence on the sim — so the lag comes from you. I hardly think it comes from a few sit-poses and notecard-givers in my builds there on my 2 properties, nor any of the other low-impact builds. Of course, only Governor Linden knows, by looking at the estate menu to see the top scripts and what they absorb.

    It’s curious to compare a sim with a club or casino, which I endure elsewhere. Sure, those entities cause lag and fighting and are never a welcome neighbour. But what they don’t do is straddle Linden water and black access to a river and its tubing game. That’s something you’ve arrogated to yourselves that is an invasion of the public commons. When I owned the parcel you now sit on, I kept it and its approaches all free and clear to the public to use.

    If you put your land on “unsafe” and are RP’ing a military group, you can scarcely object when people attack you with military force ROFL. Isn’t that the game you’re playing? Or do you envision in your RP that only your military group gets to prevail?

    >You may have contempt for the location of our base, but what is really that I would personally like to see all these neighbours who oppose to us being here so maybe I could have a little chat.

    My, that’s a nasty threat. I certainly won’t be providing you with that information!

    Roo, I am glad you can appreciate the nature of my comments here. They are about the larger issues of the public commons; about access and usage of public spaces on the mainland; about military groups and their limits and their aggressive assumptions. My only wish here is to see you think about these related and higher issues a bit more. Of course you’re going to goof around in SL and do whatever you want, what appeals to you. I’m merely giving feedback.

  9. Odd, I didn’t realise those bridges are not extended 80-90% of the time, only spanning the Linden waters when someone needs to cross which is technically what bridges are for anyway -_-.

    Anyway, onto my point. Those people using the river rapids do so fine, and without bother. In my time I have never once had a complaint about our prescence in Tethys, besides yours now and the obligatory “AN MUST DIE!!!” sentiments we get from our numerous enemies (who want us removed from the grid, not just the sim). However, could you possibly come up with an idea for where else to put this base. Would YOU like to pay for it?

    Anyway, I was not threatening those ‘neighbours’. I honestly would like to sit down with them and have a talk about what is really bugging them in regards to the AN base. I do accept the fact that we are the major causers of lag in the sim, but what’s to say it would remedy if someone else moved in?

    The notion that we are merely ‘an RP group’ is fair enough, but do not think that this is the only thing we do. Perhaps you are not aware of the heritage of the Alliance Navy (good and bad), but surely this is not just a group that only fights for fun.

    The restriction of access only applies to our inner HQ areas. People are free to fly over any time. It is those that fly incredibly laggy vehicles in, land them and then tp out without removing them that bothers us. Never has a civilian been fired upon needlessly while travelling across Tethys.

    I was not ‘comparing’ the sim to a casino/club, but was merely putting forward the notion of either having an often-deserted AN base there, or a full-fledged casino complete with Strobe Lighting, huge amounts of Particle Smoke and ridiculous numbers of people.

    I appreciate your disdain at our prescence and do agree that we cause/recieve problems sometimes. However, we are here to stay and I suggest you deal with it. You are not the only resident on the grid that has such a predicament.

    Sgt. Rob Arten
    E-4 Marine Drill Instructor

  10. Well, its nice to see that people like Profoky exist, they are not as blind as to take everything the AN says for granted. Also, Rob, I cannot see how someone would want to take a ride on the river with a military group looking down upon them as they ride by, doesnt seem like a very enjoyable ride to me. You may also be interested to know that now that we have copied your ANS Militant Resolve Corvette through using only pictures and not copybot or any other illegal scripted tools, we can now use this to train against the corvette. It is also interesting to note that your corvettes have *gasp* nukes on them. I thought Lindens called nukes griefer weapons? oh, thats right, you allow them on capital class ships! Oh, wait, corvettes are not capital class ships, genius, and what makes you better than the lindens? “Oh, we can have nukes, despite what the Lindens think, because we said thats ok in our SLSALT, and it doesnt matter what the Lindens think about our nukes anyway, cuz we are going to start policing the grid again, and, um, oh yeah, we’re not griefers” Strange, isnt it?

  11. Right, first of all Ares, I know about your ‘Militant Resolve Look-a-like’ (the ship class is a Molay, by the way. That particular ship’s name is the Militant Resolve) and it may well be used for training purposes, which is fair enough. RL armies use mock-ups of enemy vehicles/structures for training, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Plus, I have recently spent time talking to some people who have come by (approx 30 or so in the last 1.5 weeks) to use the rapids. I think 1 of them said the base was a little intrusive, but that was only because she wished the river to be wider, something that wouldn’t happen even if we left. The rest said they were not bothered in the slightest by our presence.

    Aaanyway, about those ‘nukes’. A nuke is specified as a weapon with a blast radius of over 32m and a range of over 2500m. Notice that the size is radius and not diameter. Our rockets rigidly adhere to this, something that you may had seen if you’d made the effort to find out. They are also restricted to a range of 2km, which is also under the maximum range allowed before being classified as a nuke. Many people use grenades and such explosive weapons in SL, which all conform to the same standards (well, apaart from the range, 2500m grenades would be rahter…odd). Ergo, our rockets are not nukes and are perfectly legal. SLSALT does ban proper nukes, as these are the ones that do not follow the set regulations.

    One more thing I would like to sort out. This is more of a personal question Ares (feel free to answer in IM on the grid) but I would like to know why every bit of comment you leave on such threads is anti-AN. We could go as far as to wipe out the copybot (something we know we cannot do, but the way) and yet we’d still get “You’re just trying to gain more control” from you. Why? You don’t need to be so hostile just because of the group you’re in, or possibly a couple of past experiences. Forgive and forget.

  12. Forgive and forget, not something I do Rob. You I dont blame, it is people like Harlequin Salome and Nanao Mahfouz, people who insulted me and my General, Martin Cord, without any reason other than to lower him to the place of dirt. You wonder why the ATF attacks you? Try criticizing Martin Cord for everything he did. Martin wanted to model his group after YOU, the powerful, wise, Alliance Navy, and what do those two snot-nosed critics do? Put Martin on the level of dirt! THAT is why I despise you, even more than Bruno Ziskey does. Bruno is only puzzled by you and your antics, but I have a score to settle.

  13. Ok, fair point.

    I suggest that you, even though you may not like it, spend some time working your way into the Generals’ good books. Thing is, an enemy demanding an apology from one of them is not going to get much more than a swift ‘F**k Off’ and a bullet in the face. However, the root to garnering an apology from someone will generally stem from apologising yourself, even if it is for something you did not actually do. Submission can breed contempt, but will also be one step on the road to forgiveness.

    Onto something of the same ilk, do you think that Martin deserved his contempt (rhetorical question really)? Did he do something to gain it? Or do you believe it was a random act of hate on the part of our Generals?

  14. When I spoke to General Martin Cord before the training session the AN gave, he seemed to have no hatred of you at the time. Indeed, he did not deserve the insults that Harlequin and Nanao threw his way, and was apparently expected to have everything ready at once. The AN seemed to not realize that these things take time to do, especially on account of Martin leading the group by himself. The AN a group of friends to start, Martin had only himself to supply everything. Martin did the best he could, but there was inevitably going to be things he hadnt yet gotten around to. The insults of the AN did not help in making Martin feel that he could trust the AN, this is why he broke it off with them. The Alliance Navy’s major problem is that they keep boasting that they are the best on the Grid, and thye persistently criticize andy group who is not part of the Alliance Navy. How is this honorable? How is it that a group can still retain its honor when it cannot even achieve the ability to respect other groups, especially those that call out for help from the AN? I could not even fathom as to why the AN criticized Martin so fiervely, perhaps that could be explained to me? As for apologising, I have nothing to apologise for, I have not attacked the AN in any major way, I have not crashed the sim, nor even actually shot any AN personnel. I dont mean to have that sound rude and arrogant, far from it, but it cannot be helped that it is the truth. If hurtful words are the reason I should apologise, then fine, I apologise, IF and ONLY if those words have proven to be false. There is no point or logic to apologising for speaking the truth.

  15. Hmm, I seem to have stumbled into some internecine warfare here.

    But that is precisely the issue: you can’t enjoy a public area meant for relaxing and tubing when you have to crawl under a huge, heavy, laggy military build to get to it. Like…I’m going to lazily tube down the river under your watchful eye? And probably find myself in the middle of a firefight lol? Get real.

    I think military groups are in the wrong pew in SL. The game features don’t work well enough to sustain robust and meaningful combat and war RP — it’s not WoW. If there’s WoW, why not go to WoW? The only thing SL does offer is a chance for people to make weapons and costumes and then pose in them. It’s like a men’s magazine for warlords lol. So…pose away. I realize the social aspect of it anad the building is meaningful to you. To each his own. But there is a place you could be: on your own island lol.

    I have waited through many long sessinons of people like you who put a veto on the entire sim’s FPS. I can go on waiting, it’s fine : )

  16. We think alike, Profoky. I also think it is the best idea to either (A) force all military groups onto islands, which could be a problem, or (B) get rid of the damage sim ability altogether, make places like tethys and rausch no longer damage capable. Any group that wishes to fight FAIRLY would be forced to use weapons that rack up points and have you play dead when you run out of points. Theres no push on those training bullets (usually), so there would be no way to annoy people by shooting at them, it would be like shooting at them with CCC-harmless. Think about it, a world where we can go tubing, and the worst the AN could do would be to shoot at us with something equivalent to CCC! I love the idea.

  17. Prokofy Said: “I think military groups are in the wrong pew in SL. The game features don’t work well enough to sustain robust and meaningful combat and war RP — it’s not WoW. If there’s WoW, why not go to WoW? The only thing SL does offer is a chance for people to make weapons and costumes and then pose in them. It’s like a men’s magazine for warlords lol. So…pose away. I realize the social aspect of it anad the building is meaningful to you. To each his own. But there is a place you could be: on your own island lol.”

    Second Life v1.0 (Linden World) featured a built in gun and grenade system, and was designed as an advanced and destructable combat environment complete with weather, an ecosystem and even fully functional water. This theme has been continued throughout the existence of the grid, and even the Linden Library includes a popgun (which with the inclusion of one LSL command can be converted to an effective assault weapon).
    We do also intend to aquire a sim, and have planned to for some time.

    Ares – Where are your comments about “WE R DESTROY AN LOL JOIN SPARTA THEY HAVE ONE YEAR TO LIVE”? I rather enjoyed them on the Second Life forums. Mayhap you’re pandering to Prokofy’s naturally outraged nature.

    One final point, because I’m tired and can’t be bothered with answering everything… Prokofy. We were here for a long time before you. When you go to shout people and developers on another platform, we’ll still be here. Just like the people you harassed on TSO. That is all.

  18. Jereremy, you might want to check the first comment on SL herald you made: “GG kk thanx” Oncec you start talking like an adult, I will be hapy to discuss with you the reasons why you are wrong.

  19. It is also interesting that you point out the SL forums, as every thread you started got locked. Hmm……wonder why?

  20. Prokofy, The river is under our base and is not damage land. Also, it is no build land so you would not find yourself in a “fire fight” as bullets cannot travel into that area and they cannot be created in that area.

  21. It’s moments like this that make me laugh. The Alliance Navy, in it’s splendor, has made itself the sphincter of the metaverse. On top of this, you remain perpetually blind to your follies because you still have a steady stream of recruits coming in every day. However, about three out of four of them can almost be guaranteed to be a spy from an enemy military, or an alt from a member of the Alliance Navy who is at poor standing with a member of a higher status. Congratulations, the fourth person is a genuine recruit, with no apparent idea WHO the Alliance Navy is, or how they function. Once they join, they are brainwashed into dogmatic followers of Nanao’s insomnia-induced faggotry and Harlequin’s colossal ego. Unfortunately, the Alliance Navy IS NOT stupid. Tethys was set up in such a fashion that an organized assault can only be accomplished with a VERY small amount of troops on base, and even then….. the attack needs to be overkill.

    The same cannot be said about Sparta. I’m sure Bruno thinks he is doing everyone a grand favor by taking on the Alliance Navy from his 512 parcel of land, but unfortunately for him, he doesn’t run his own army.

    I’ve seen Sparta engineering, which honestly isn’t bad for their position, but his general staff controls his land, they control the rules, and they control him. Because of his stupendous lack of assertiveness over his group, the entire world only gets to see the ass-end of Sparta : Ares Artizar, Tyler Stein, and numerous insignificant others…. refusing to remove their PSITECH during combat…. av flight… (which the Merczateers admittedly have a problem with as well.) and other major deliberate defiances against SLSALT.

    To sum it up… a word to the lot of you,

    AN: You’re controlled by the filth we didn’t want in the Merczateers, just remember that every time you salute them.

    Sparta: It helps to hit puberty before you engage in SL combat.

  22. Proteus:
    For the last time, we don’t use Psitec, that was a mistake by one of our members who now follows our law perfectly. Also, we are not “taking on” the AN, in fact, we are on a better standing with them now. It seems, not surprisingly, that the AN is not evil, but does have a lot of pride, which can be misconstrued for arrogance, as it is the largest and longest living military group on the Grid.
    I will also not stand for you attacking my Spartans. I don’t know about you, but I am a Philosopher King, and so I treat each Spartan as family, I CARE for them, they are my children. If you don’t fully know what a Philosopher King, is, I would suggest reading “The Republic” by Plato, very good reading. I did not want to say this, but since you have brought it up in public…I told my Spartans to ban you from our land, as you repeatedly did nothing BUT insult them. That is NOT how I train my people, and I will not have any outsiders teaching Spartans…you were brought in as a military advisor, not as a whip. Remember that. It is funny that you insult MY group, as your attempt at making a group has failed immensely, from what you told me.
    Also, if I ever see you on the AN base, I will personally fire a Staff Blast between your eyes for being such a paranoid, delusional, and bullying snob. I do not allow Spartans to treat each other as dirt, and you were never allowed to treat them as such. That is not how I train my people.
    Honestly Proteus, its just a game, there’s no need for politics and hating in a virtual world…

  23. Oh i have something to reply about Proteus’s thing about the AN. And i can back this up 100% (Alliance Navy E-4 Fleet Ex-mercz Ex-GAR) First off, Proteus Harlequin as well as Nanao are quite good leaders. Those two are probably the only reason the merczateers had any chance in the first Mercz VS AN fighting. Also, Having been in the merczateers At the time Of Nanao, and Harlequins service to the mercz. i can clearly say that the mercz had a bigger K/D ratio then when i left (about the same time mercz and AN fought for a 3rd time). when they joined the AN (a considerable time after leaving the mercz) the AN became more then just a great group. we became a great group with the skills of previous enemys. Fast forwarding to pre 3rd fight i was a Merczateer Elite Spetsnas, Your grunts had a failure and i was the one who remidied it. (through many a clip) That being said. The AN has not aquired to Two merczateers rejects.

  24. Bruno, first off, I never attacked your spartans once, not even raised a gun towards them. Second, I was NOT insulting your staff at the time in which I was gunned down and banned, rather, meaning to coach them into more efficent soldiers.

    I saw Sparta as a group with tremendous potential, how you did what you did amazed me, and I was foolishly drawn towards it like a moth flutters towards a flame. My own group, the Sky Raiders, was taken under the wing of someone who did not have the time to strengthen myself, nor did we have any previous military training. Your enduring will to combat something as omnipotent as the AN was awe-inspiring, and I wanted to make it my personal duty to help raise your troops into something mine could have never been. At the time, there was an AN spy in the same room as the staff was. I was sure of it, and I was attempting to root him/her out. At the same time, I was attempting to hold together the alliance between the AN and the Merczateers by coming off as rather abrasive towards your troops during the session. (This was during the time in which we were allied). You have great support Bruno, and even though I am fighting the AN at the moment, I would not hesitate to return to help continue training the Phalanx. You have a considerable amount of potential behind you, but the inner machinations of your young-behemoth can be frightening once the curtain is pulled back.

    Oh, and you and I both know that that general WAS wearing a shield of some sort during the training session in Q.

    And to Raiden,

    Because of the dogmatic loyalty behind what you say is so stalwart, I will ignore your churlish grammatical errors and commend you for your vanguarding of the Alliance Navy. First, you must understand that I am not in the Merczateers for the purpose of victory. If I wanted victory, you are quite right, I would be right with you in the Alliance Navy.

    I am here for the challenge.

    Think about it. The Alliance Navy has us in a barrel, almost literally, and they’re taking blindfolded shots at us, giggling as their friend pours vodka down their throats. We are honestly no challenge for you when you really put any effort into it.

    You have:
    Better technology.

    More troops.

    More land.

    Better training.

    Media control.


    You must realize I’m not simply sitting here saying, “lollolol an sux jion mercz cuz wer good lol.” because truth be told, AN is amazing. You WROTE SLSALT. You revolutionized military. Still, you cannot deny the price that comes with power, and just about anyone can see it, and even you will admit the aura of arrogance, however empowering it may feel to you, it is still there. This may not be a major issue, but it is where I draw the support of my argument from. However, the collected points I provided above, combined with the fact that arrogance is in fact NOT a major issue, is your only hope for mustering a counterpoint.

    Little Hint: You’ve all used that counterpoint a LITTLE bit too often.

  25. I do not deny that Sia was wearing a shield (and shes Vice-admiral of the Spartan Navy, not a General), however she has stopped wearing it, per my orders.
    I have decided that it is in Sparta’s best interest to not be guided, controlled, or taught by any other group besides Sparta. The Alliance Navy started off without knowing anything about fighting, yet they grew to their power through practice and learning. As such, Sparta will do the same. This will make us stronger, as we will learn through trial and error, making us better able to improve, rather than just memorizing the tactics of others. We will be unique in our fighting, and this is what I wish. The spy in our midst is gone, I have seen to it. I also know that their are some alts of the AN in Sparta, but I could not care less. There are more important things to care about besides spies in a virtual world, and I doubt the AN would be able to learn (or even want to learn) anything from us in the way of tactics. As I have said before, I take the members of Sparta as my children; I care for them, I look out for them, as a father must guide his children, so must I guide Sparta.

  26. 1. My mistake, Admiral.

    2. Honestly, they’re probably not spying on you now that Sparta is the little brother of the Alliance Navy…. so you’re defiately right about that, they really have nothing to gain from it.

    3. Where will you guide them?

  27. “I think military groups are in the wrong pew in SL. The game features don’t work well enough to sustain robust and meaningful combat and war RP — it’s not WoW. If there’s WoW, why not go to WoW? The only thing SL does offer is a chance for people to make weapons and costumes and then pose in them. It’s like a men’s magazine for warlords lol. So…pose away. I realize the social aspect of it anad the building is meaningful to you. To each his own. But there is a place you could be: on your own island lol.”


    WoW offerns inferior possiblilities, and has limits which make more realistic combat impossible.

    On our own Island?

    Most worthwile militaries now have their own dedicated sims, such as The Woofer, for the Alliance Navy, and Badnarik for the Merczateers. If the Alliance Navy wants to set up extra fortifications about the grid, what harm can it honestly do? It only reinforces the roleplay.

  28. “WoW offerns inferior possiblilities, and has limits which make more realistic combat impossible.”

    We should switch to Armed Assault then.

  29. Why?

    Secondlife has an infinite warfare experience available.

    It’s not just a shooter, rather, it allows user operated diplomacy.

    Sure the physics are alittle…. awful, but the fact that content is user-created means that we can put our own physics scripts into the object

  30. Or, someone could tinker with the open-source client to make a secondlife client better equipped for warfare.

  31. We are going to rock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock your block becuase we are the SN trained at the school of Hard Rock.


  32. Mmm. The real problem with Second Life (database load) cannot be remedied with a new viewer, sadly. What LL really needs to start doing is getting rid of those bloody throwaway accounts that number in the millions. You cannot honestly believe there’s 4 million active memebrs, Linden Labs?

  33. Yes, at least put the credit card or cell phone restriction back in place, and keep the number of accounts to an IP address limited.

  34. It mystifies me why Linden Labs don’t bring back the CC number requirement for registration. They could not feasably introduce an IP ban because of, say, combined addresses at workplaces. People with wireless routers could easily bypass this too.

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  37. Proteus Hand violated SL TOS age verification. Any and all accounts that have an association with him face a possible banning. Philip Rosedale knows of this. To protect your accounts you should contact him @ and report that you had no knowledge on the flagrant age violation.

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