Ship ahoy

Andy Remblai in Second Life has started to specialize in building large boats. As I have been revisiting my snapzilla archives I have found the various pictures of Andy’s boats that he has built on Hursley.
The very public way people can build in Second Life also shows a very public progression in skill and knowledge. As techies when we write code it is not always easy to see the development of skill and knowledge. Likewise in consulting, quantifying how we do what we do to help explain new technology and concepts is equally hard to show to someone. Whilst SL does not need the character progression of eve-online or World of Warcraft it does benefit from learning to do things through practice. Virtual worlds seem to lead us to a meritocracy which seems a good thing?

Anyway this was his first boat back last year
boat 1

He then started on a more civilian style of super yacht
yacht 2

This yacht has since been moved to the IBM 12 island complex and graduated from Hursley.

Now he has this new super yacht underway. We had to clear some more land in order to make way for it.
yacht 3 b
yacht 3 c
yacht 3 d
yacht 3 e
yacht 3 f
All images from snapzilla

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  1. Andy’s boats are awesome, he should definately start some sort of marina sim.

    I have to say that one of the things I love about Second Life is the fact you can click on anything and find out who made it, even when things are done on behalf of a company or paid for you can still trace it to the person who put in the effort and skill to make something.

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