Workplace Design – Panel time

Whilst tomorrow is Roo’s big day with the IET conference I am also speaking in London on a panel for Architectual Review around Workplace design.

THE ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW WORKPLACE DESIGN conference provides an inspirational forum exploring how interior designers can create the modern office. The workforce of the new millenium is becoming more flexible, mobile and diverse; discover how the interior designer can fulfil the needs of this transient workforce and produce a workplace that promotes collaboration and productivity. Hear from global leaders in interior design and workplace consultancy and discover the future of the modern office.

* Exploring workforce behaviours and the impact design has on productivity
* Creating a digital workplace: future-proofing the office
* Reflecting the culture and brand of a company through design
* The workplace strategy of the global client
* Taking a sustainable approach to office design
* Catering for a diverse and transient workforce

As expected we have a great deal of cross discipline merging occuring, brought on by metaverses, web2.0 and entering the conceptual age where design really becomes key to success, not just function.
So for me it will be interesting to mix and mingle with a different audience, who knows where that will lead.

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