Real to virtual, pushing into opensim – more interoperability

You may have seen the trigger in Secondlife using the MQTT publish/subscribe work that Rob has been doing. Now we have real life into Opensim using the same messaging infrastructure it also uses Rob’s JSON support. MQTT is the light version of Websphere MQ event broker. You create a message, and anyone interested can do something with it. In this case, image recognition via a webcam in the real world generating a message that Opensim has subscribed to. So yes, I hold a number up and a camera recognizes it and sends a message across the web, the internal opensim server picks it up and acts on it.

*update the really small message broker(RSMB) is available on IBM alphaworks (thanks @andysc)

4 thoughts on “Real to virtual, pushing into opensim – more interoperability

  1. I know, I know, it’s not the point, but I was really hoping the cube was going to spin round to show the right face corresponding to the number.

    Some people are never happy are they?! 🙂

  2. @jt if I had not had so many phone calls today then the cube would have been moving around and rezzing new things. somthing to build on.
    @jeff if we use reactivision we can do a lot more for rotation and relative distance. GPL licences are a pain aren’t they!

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