Lego Augmented Reality Kiosk from Total Immersion

Augmented reality, we love it here at eightbar. The blend of the real and the virtual. Roo recently wrote about the Radio 1 band in your hand now you need to see this excellent Lego AR kiosk. (Thanks to our collegue Alex Phillips (a.k.a DK) who pinged me a similar demo from a conference by the same people)
It is by Total Immersion

BBC Radio 1 augmenting reality with a ‘band in your hand’

Remember two years ago, when BBC Radio 1 came to Second Life for One Big Weekend? This year they explored augmented reality with a Band In Your Hand. Here’s Scott Mills showing Chappers how it works.

Unfortunately the (Windows-only) download has already been taken down. Why? Because

Due to music rights restrictions this download was only available from 30.04.08 to 07.05.08

Hugh Garry, Radio 1 interactive producer, describes it in more detail here.